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Treat your furry loved one with this red, spotty martingale dog collar.

Simple yet sophisticated and stylish with silver, gold or matt black metal hardware.

Would make a lovely addition to your pets wardrobe.

Martingale collars are great for gaining more control when out walking due to the tightening effect of these collars when your dog pulls. These collars are also great for larger breeds, again to gain more control when they pull.

It is not advisable to leave your dog wearing a martingale collar whilst unattended and should be used only when out walking.
If you would like your dog to wear a collar whilst at home, a standard flat, day collar would be suitable.

This collar is made from 100% cotton, strong nylon webbing and interfacing lining for added strength and durability.



Red Spotty Martingale Collar | Red Spotty Martingale Collar and matching Lead


X Small- 8.5" - 11.5" / 22cm- 29cm

Small- 11" - 14 1/4" / 28cm- 36cm

Medium- 12.5" - 18" / 32cm- 46cm

Large- 18" - 22" / 46cm- 56cm

XS and Small available width:

3/4"/ 2cm
1" / 2.5cm
1.5" / 4cm

Medium and Large available width

3/4" / 2cm
1" / 2.5cm
1.5" / 4cm
2" / 5cm

To properly measure your dog, measure the circumfrence
1, around the widest part of your dogs head
2, around the neck, just behind the ears
3, around the neck where the collar will sit

Choose the size range that includes all three of these measurements.
You should be able to place two fingers behind the collar to ensure it is not too tight.

Lead length:

120cm / 47 1/4" long including the trigger snap hook.

Lead width: 2cm / 3/4" or 2.5cm / 1"

If you would like an alternative length lead please do not hesitate to contact me.

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